Saturday, January 3, 2015

13 Lessons I Am Learning from My Kitchen Transformation

After reading the list my cousin, Chandler, wrote in her latest blogpost - - I was inspired to write a list of my own.  Since I am now on day ten of my kitchen transformation, (not yet finished) I have to write about that!  I am really not sure if it was the lure of ringing in the new year or the paint fumes I have been inhaling for so long, but I have been doing some serious reflecting on how this kitchen transformation reflects the transformation in my own life.  Here goes:

13 Lessons I Am Learning from My Kitchen Transformation

1. Transformations are a LOT of work.
2. The project is always bigger than it looks.
3. In order to transform one area, you will probably have to make a mess in another.
4. Transformation requires patience and perseverance.
5. Transformation is exciting in the beginning, tiresome in the middle, worth it in the end.
6. Transformation requires many steps.
7. Transformation requires a lot of time.
8. Not everyone will approve of the transformation, especially in the beginning.
9. At some point in the transforming process, you will wonder why you ever began.
10. Once things begin to transform, you will notice all of the other things that need to change.
11. True transformation does not happen overnight.
12. Transformation requires advice from experts.
13. Transformation is easier with help from friends.

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