Monday, February 22, 2016

Pursuing the Dream

Jerry and I began praying about our dream almost six months ago, and we have been on quite a journey since then.  Along the way we have faced disappointment, discouragement, and discovery.  We have weathered a season of goodbyes and felt the discomfort of pruning.  We have examined and re-examined our dream, and we have narrowed our focus.  We have searched our souls, prayed for wisdom, and learned a lot about patience.  

“Trust in the LORD and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the LORD,
and he will give you the desires of your heart”
Psalm 37:3-4

Jerry and I started praying together, as a couple, specifically about our dream.  Since we began praying together, really difficult things have happened in our lives.  We have experienced the death of a parent, the death of two pets, and even the death of a part of our dream.  In all of these hard things, and more, it has been that unity in prayer that has kept us strong and unified!  We have daily come before our God - hand in hand - and asked Him for wisdom and blessing.  We believe He will give us the desires of our hearts because we are asking for His desires to become our desires!

Jerry and I believe that our dream involves business and ministry, and we feel strongly that the dream takes place here - at this funny farm we call Cornercopia.  We have set goals because we know that it is not enough to just dream - we must pursue our dream!  The funny thing is that it seems the harder we pursue the dream, the more distractions show up at our door.  The tricky part is to discern which of the distractions are good and necessary and which are simply distractions.  We want to remain focused, but God says, "Trust - and do good."

After much prayer and many months of waiting,  Jerry and I feel it is time to take a giant leap forward.  We are going to build the studio in our back yard and I am going to pursue this dream full time as an artist, author, and teacher right here at Cornercopia.  We are stepping out in fear and trembling - but in the full confidence of the provision of our God.  We are so excited!

As much as we are following the desires of our hearts, we don't feel that this is just for us.  Our dream involves you!  We love to open our home and our farm to our community.  Some of our happiest moments here have been the times that our backyard has been full of people - resting, enjoying fellowship, visiting the animals, finding peace.  Whether has been teaching in my outdoor studio, giving a farm tour, or pushing someone in the tire swing, sharing our funny farm gives us great pleasure.  We look forward to spending time with each of you right here!

Stay tuned as we see this dream take form.  I will begin teaching classes here in June - in my outdoor studio at first - and eventually in my new studio Jerry will build.  I already have many ideas about the classes and abouthow you can be involved.  All the while, I will continue to create my own art and will be marketing that through Etsy and various shows throughout the year.  We definitely need your prayers!

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