Sunday, September 21, 2014


Sometimes I see my day as a long video with each scene blending into the next, while other days are more like a series of snapshots.  Today was a day of snapshots; vivid images set against a beautiful backdrop of family and friends, commitment and love.

The day began with an email from my friend, Melissa.  She was expressing how my son, Trevor, was a blessing to her yesterday.  Her affirmation and gratitude for his helpfulness was the encouragement I needed to begin my day.

The second image of my day is one of me standing next to my husband in worship service this morning.  I tilted my head to listen as he sang praises to God.  It gives me such pleasure to hear his voice, but knowing that he loves and worships Him together with me causes me to thank God even more.  This morning it brought back memories of me as a little girl standing next to my Grandaddy in church while he sang hymns.  

Another click of the lens reveals two precious children, Hailey and Dylan, professing their faith and rising out of the waters of baptism.  Though I already consider them as a part of my family, watching them become a part of my spiritual family is incredible.

This afternoon, on top of a hill on a beautiful farm, we watched as a couple that we love made vows of commitment to one another.  A beautiful picture was etched in my mind as Briton held the end of a unity cord while Jess braided the ends together.  They were purposeful about their task and all eyes seemed to be upon them - until I noticed their children.  The older two understood what was happening, at least on some level, but the little ones were completely oblivious.  It hit hit me suddenly that this was a beautiful picture of marriage and family building.  As parents, we must be purposeful and diligent in creating a loving, stable, committed relationship between the two of us.  While sometimes our children will witness us doing the work, for the most part, the work itself should be done in such a way that the children can sit at our feet carefree and confident that they are growing up in a family that is full of love.  

It was a special treat this weekend to spend time with my whole family together.  I am increasingly aware that those times are numbered for us.  It wasn't all fun and we weren't all happy and loving the whole weekend, but we were all there - together, and the snapshots that I will take away will be those of us laughing together.  

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