Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Rescue Mission

A different neighbor called today.  Different neighbor - similar question.  "Do you have turkeys?"  If you read my post from last week, you know that our turkeys were lost and a neighbor found them in her yard.  The funny part is that she, like the neighbor that called today, assumed that they must be ours!  As it turned out, these turkeys were not ours but we rescued them anyway and put them in one of our coops to keep them safe.  Later in the day we met a new neighbor while he was out canvassing the neighborhood looking for his missing turkeys.  We enjoyed talking with him as we helped him walk his turkeys home.  It was the second "turkey trot" in Kents Store this week.

I love that our neighbors think of us first whenever there are lost animals in the area.  We have the reputation for collecting animals and also for rescuing those that are lost.  Though we have only been raising farm animals for seven years, we seem to be known as the local experts.  We are far from experts, but we have gained quite a bit of experience and we are always willing to try to help.

As much as I enjoy our status of the rescuers of lost animals, I would much rather be known as someone who helps lost people.  Whether we are helping them find their way to God or just guiding them through a tough time, providing shelter during a physical storm or an emotional one, I want my home and my family to be a place of refuge for others.

When people remember me, I won't mind if they remember our funny farm on the corner for all its animals and the tire swing in the back yard, but I hope they will also remember that we were available in their time of need.  While we are, at Cornercopia, collectors of animals, we are also collectors of people.  We enjoy relationship and we love to welcome others as part of our family.

I didn't mind that early morning call today.  We are used to the phone calls that invite us out on a rescue mission.  It is what we do and it is what we love.  I guess you could say that, at Cornercopia, rescue is our mission.

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  1. You all do such a wonderful job at rescuing all who cross your paths - be they human or animal. I, for one, am truly grateful and blessed to call you friend(s). I find that I gain great perspective when I am able to sit and enjoy your company at the corner of Respite and Encouragement. Keep it up!!