Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Wild and Wonderful Day!

It has been a wild and wonderful day!  It started out last night when we saw one of the frogs hanging out in the pond.  This is the first time we have seen him since the fall.  He likes to come out at night and sit on the rocks with just his head out of the water.  

Today, our friend Betz and her dad brought over their rooster, Curious.  We hatched Curious and Betz's other chickens a couple of springs ago.  Unfortunately, Curios has not been playing nice lately, so he is coming back to live here for now.  We have him hanging out in his own private coop until he learns his surroundings.  Later this week, we are hoping to get some new laying hens, so we will probably give them to Curious to take care of.

As we were getting prepared for Carter's birthday celebration today, I found a little milk snake in the backyard.  Jerry loves snakes!  He played with him for a few minutes and then moved him out of the yard.

Today was Carter's 17th birthday!  That is wild enough all on its own!

We had a cookout with some family and friends.  The big tree in our backyard makes a great dining room.  It's my favorite room in (or out) of the whole house!  I absolutely LOVE a big table filled with people I love!

After the party, I was in the backyard and heard yelling from Ms. Agnes's house.  I went running over, thinking she may have fallen.  My mom had stopped by to visit and they were trying to chase the cow who always gets out of the pasture behind Agnes house.  Agnes worries that it may get in the road.  As they followed the cow into the backyard, they came upon a 5 foot black snake.  That is when they yelled for help.  I used Ms. Agnes's garden rake to pin him down and tossed him over into the cow pasture.  

Soon, we had a whole gathering at Agnes's house, including the snake who decide to return.  He seemed bent on going up the deck steps, probably looking for a birds nest.  

Another neighbor stopped over to share some fresh turkey breast from his hunt Saturday, and he and Carter caught the snake.  After we let all the kids get a good look at the snake, Carter took it down the street to the woods.  Even some of us (I won't name names) who don't care for snakes joined in the adventure.

I was proud of my Mom.  She chased a cow AND stared down a snake today!  What a wild and wonderful day!

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