Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It really is exciting to see my plants coming up.  My sugar snap peas look really healthy, and I added some of the lettuce I grew from seeds in the milk cartons to those beds today as well.  I am covering everything with chicken wire until my fencing is complete, so I am limited in the beds I can use.

I also have lettuce and spinach growing in one of my small raised beds.  I keep this one covered by an old wire chicken tractor.  I also grew these from seed in the milk cartons.

Here are a few of the other successes.  Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions, and some more loose leaf and romaine mix lettuce.  These will get planted once the fence is finished.

Our little Uriah has a hurt leg.  He caught it in some pallets while he was playing and had it stuck for a while before we found him.  We were happy to learn that it is only a sprain, and he is well on his way to recovery!

I spent some time this evening looking around Cornercopia and planning some things in my head.  I see flower beds that need redone, plants that need to be moved, things that need to be built.  But most of all, I see progress!  I am starting to see what this place might become.  Like Agnes always reminds me - Rome wasn't built in a day - neither was Cornercopia!  We sure are having fun building it though!

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