Friday, April 11, 2014

On the Corner

After several weeks of Ipad trouble, (I've been blogging from Jerry's) I am now using my new Ipad Mini.  I didn't go in to the Apple store planning on the mini, but it fits very comfortably in my hands, and it weighs practically nothing!  I am testing it out and will decide if it's a keeper in the next couple of days.

I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I noticed a picture of some of my friends' kids playing on my hammock!  The picture was taken last month, but it made me smile and realize how much joy it brings me when people have fun at my home.  Jerry and I love to share the animals, the garden, and the various projects on which we are working.  It seems very fitting that God placed us on this corner (hence the name "Cornercopia") where people frequently pass by.  It is not unusual for people to stop in just to see what is going on.

We have been working pretty hard at the Funny Farm lately.  We borrowed a friend's tractor to help us spread the wood chips that our local tree guy has been dropping off faithfully since last Fall.  These chips cover the black plastic around our raised beds in the vegetable garden, in the blackberry patch, under the big tree by the house, and around the chicken and rabbit coops.  The tractor was helpful, but also fun!

The black plastic helps cut down on our weeding time and blocks our biggest garden enemy - wire grass!

The blackberries are finally all pinned up!  Isn't it beautiful?  And just in time - we are just starting to see leaves!

Here is the current view of the garden.  It may seem empty now, but we have just doubled our space!  Now we are ready to begin adding raised beds.  Soon, this garden will be full of green plants and yummy veggies.

If you are near our corner, stop by for a visit!

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