Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Hopping Good Time

Right after Jerry and I turned in to bed tonight, my oldest son, Carter, came to our door.  "Could you guys come help me?  There is a baby rabbit in my room and I am having trouble catching it."  

I need to pause here in the story to let you know that we do have baby bunnies right now, but they are not inside.  They are not big enough to hop and have not even opened their eyes yet.  So, while many of you might be thinking that this could be a normal announcement at the Custer house, this is a first!

We have caught many things in our funny farmhouse.  Mice are pretty normal around here.  We have found a couple of little snakes in the basement.  One time I was walking through the hall downstairs, and there was a great big toad just sitting there looking at me.  I yelled for the kids and they said, "Oh yeah, we found him in our window well and we were playing with him.  We just forgot to put him back!"

I guess the most plausible explanation for the little rabbit we found is that the cats probably brought him in to play with him.  He must have gotten away from them and was hiding out in the basement.  Either that, or there is a mother rabbit hiding out down there as well!  This is regular life here on the funny farm!  Never a dull moment - not even at bedtime.

Just so you know, we caught the bunny and placed him safely outside, away from the house.  Hopefully, he avoids the cats and finds his mother.  It was the best I could when catching a wild rabbit in my house at 10:30 on a Sunday evening.

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