Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Smiling Kind of Day!

I feel like my goat looks here!  It was a smiling kind of day!  I had all of my kids here (plus an extra) and I spent the entire day with family and friends.  We did a little work and we played a lot!  All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better snow day!  

The day started out with me getting to sleep in!  Mmmmmm, it was delightful!  I LOVE to sleep and I am NOT a morning person!  I awoke to the sound of people going in and out of the door, so I decided I'd better get up too, or I would miss all of the good pictures!

After I got all bundled up, I joined my family, who had shoveled out the entire driveway!  I was impressed, but I knew why they were so motivated - they wanted to go sledding!  Jerry's snow day rule is "work first - play second!"

After the driveway, we headed over to shovel out the goats!  They were happy to see us and they came out, but they did NOT like the snow!  At least we gave them a path to their hay bale!

Last, but not least, we went next door to shovel out Ms. Agnes's driveway.  She isn't planning on going anywhere in this weather, but we like to clear her way just in case!  She was happy to see us and we enjoyed a quick visit at the garage door!  Finally, our work was done and my tired crew trekked home.

After all that shoveling, we went home for some rest.  Oh, I forgot, Jerry, Carter, and Trevor took a side trip to check on our goats down the street.  They didn't really want to come out either, but they did appreciate the visit.  Trevor took my camera and he took this picture and the great one of Tinkerbell smiling!  The rest of us stayed home and did a little housework and ate some lunch!

After lunch, our friends, Britton and Jess, came over to go sledding.  We have a great hill down the road in our neighbor's cow pasture.  All of the neighbors come sledding there.  It's so much fun to meet everyone on the hill.  We built a jump and had a great time watching each other crash!  It was almost like the Winter Olympics - Kents Store style!  It started sleeting and then snowing while we were still sledding.

As if that wasn't enough fun, we left the sledding hill and went to Britton and Jess's house where they pulled us around on the sleds with the four-wheeler!  Unfortunately, my camera died, so I don't have any pictures.  But, needless to say, we finished out the day cold, wet, tired, and hungry!  We came home where, thankfully, the power was still on.  Hot showers, warm corn chowder, and a movie completed my "smiling kind of day!"  Good Night!

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