Saturday, February 15, 2014

Project Day

Some days, I am just not sure which hat I will wear!  I am a wife, mother, teacher, author, and artist.  I had really planned to grade papers and work on a writing project today, but it didn't work out that way at all!

We didn't have kids at home today, (the unfortunate benefit of being a blended family) so Jerry and I slept in.  It was wonderful!  The only bad part of sleeping in is that all of the plans we had for the day begin a lot later.  Once we finally got ourselves up and going, we decided to go into town to pick up some things for Alden's room.  

Renovating Alden's bedroom is a project we started over a year ago.  We moved him into Trevor's room for a "short time" and they are both tired of the arrangement, so we are trying to finish it ASAP!  We needed some trim pieces and we also decided to get carpet, so we headed to the carpet place first.  We ended up deciding on carpet totally different from our first idea, but we did get brown, because Alden wants it to look like dirt - more specifically, the forest floor.  We had a lot of fun shopping for the carpet.  Home improvement is one of our favorite things to do together.  We also have fun with salespeople.  I think they must enjoy talking about us after we leave!

On the way home from the carpet place, we got a call from a friend with a flat tire.  We took a side trip to help her out and then headed out again to pick up our trim.  This was an easy stop because we knew just what we needed, but we did spend some time making plans with a guy who works there to take him a load of wood next week.

We took another side trip on the way home again, but this time it was to visit our friends, Tom and Tracie!  Tom is our pond guy, and he is building a portable waterfall for our Vacation Bible School.  We won't need it until July, but he wants to start on it soon.  I am so excited to have a real water feature for the centerpiece!  Tom has been wanting to build portable water features to rent out for special occasions, so he is using this as his prototype.  If you want to see some of his projects, check out his website,

When we got home, it was 8:00 PM!  It's amazing how quickly a day can go by!  Jerry and I headed downstairs with the wood and I decided I might as well get started on Alden's mural while Jerry primed the trim.  Alden wants a realistic camouflage mural on one wall, and I had an idea how I wanted it to look.  I thought I might just do a little background work, but I ended up doing a bit more than I had planned.  I think I am happy with it so far.  It may not look like the popular realistic camouflage patterns, but once it has leaves, I think he will be pleased.  He sure is going to be surprised when he gets back here next week!

All in all, it was not a bad day!  Sleeping late with my honey, shopping, helping and visiting friends, and a good start on a project - I guess I'll have to grade papers and write tomorrow!

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