Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Honorable Day

Today was an exciting day!  My oldest son, Carter, was inducted into the National Honor Society.  After the ceremony, we were interviewed, and it was very interesting to hear the way Carter responded to the questions.  I was surprised to hear the maturity that he had in his comments.  I was also pleased with the goals he pronounced in that interview.

I was not in the National Honor Society in High School, so I was interested to hear what it was all about!  I was not aware that the invitation was based, not just on grades, but character, service, and leadership as well.  

We were, of course, so proud of him, but it was also a great day for our family.  My parents, Jerry and I, and Carter's dad and his girlfriend, Sharon, were all there to support him.  Even his youth pastor, Chuck, came.  We took pictures and ate lunch together.  I really love unity!

Since I had taken the day off, Jerry and I got to spend the whole day together.  It was a nice treat, especially since we have some very busy times coming up.  I didn't really get much work done, but I guess we do all need days like that.  All in all, I would say that it was a very honorable day!

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  1. Great job Carter and Congrats mama!! You both have great reasons to be proud!