Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Power

I left a journal assignment for my creative writing students while I was out at Carter's ceremony the other day.  The prompt was to write about why they thought I was absent.  I just graded the papers today and they were so funny!  Only one student had me die in their story (pretty good coming from a group of teenagers) and most of them wrote that I was out saving the world!  One boy said that I didn't even have to use my superpowers, since I was able to stop bad things from happening simply by being there.  He elaborated by admitting that it was those same powers that enabled me to get my students to do their work!

My students' stories were fun to read and they made me laugh, but they also warmed my heart, because I think they wrote about something that they really have sensed in me.  It may not be my superpowers that get them to do their work or keep others from doing evil, but I think it is the "super power" of love that they see.  I truly care about my kids (biological and otherwise) and that care causes them to want to do well.  I know love changes things in this world because I have seen it work!

I haven't always had these "superpowers".  I have spent more time than I would like to admit caring more about me than the other person.  God has really spent a good bit of time training me, and though I am somewhat of a slow learner, I am catching on!  I have learned a lot by watching my husband!  

One of my favorite stories of Jerry comes from a time that I rode with him to work on a machine.  We arrived at the hospital late one evening, and the lady in the lab was ready to fight.  She was mad at the machine, the company, and Jerry, and she couldn't wait to tell him about it.  He patiently listened to her complaints and then began to use his superpowers!  As he asked her questions and reassured her, I could literally see her expression softening.  By the time we left, you would have thought they were best friends!  I was amazed.

It really doesn't take much to develop relationship with people.  If I am kind, listen to their hearts, and put their welfare in front of my own, most people will do anything I ask - even if I ask them to write 1000 words in one class period!

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