Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going In Circles

Yesterday was a great example of our crazy life on the funny farm!  I was working hard on finishing my writing project (now one day past deadline!), Carter was at work on the farm down the street where some of our goats are visiting, and Jerry and the other kids were running various errands.  Jerry had just come back from town, and he and Trevor had driven to a friends house to drop off something, when I received a frantic call from Carter.  The signal was bad and his voice was broken, which scared me, because I couldn't understand what he was saying, just that he was upset.  All kinds of frightening thoughts went through my head while I tried to figure out what he was trying to relay.  

Finally, I was able to make out that Willy, our big male Boer goat, was down on the ground crying and he couldn't get up.  That was not good news!  I promised Carter that I would call Jerry and he would be right there!  Quickly, I dialed Jerry's number and his phone started ringing on the counter in the other room!  Still disturbed by my scary thoughts and the bad news about Willy, I concluded that, once again, my writing would have to wait!

Renee, Alden, and I hopped into another vehicle, determined to chase Jerry down. I knew where he went and, though it wasn't far away, I knew he could be there for hours chatting!  I had already called the friends he was visiting and they didn't answer either, but it was possible that Willy didn't have much time so I needed to find him fast.  All the way there, we watched for Jerry's car, but there was no sign of him.  In the back of my mind, knowing that the road between our house and our friends was a giant circle, I was thinking he might have gone the other way.

As we neared our friend's home, it was evident that Jerry's car wasn't in the driveway.  The twin girls were in the front yard, hitting balls off the tee he had just dropped off, and they pointed us in the other direction.  We sped off, hoping to catch up, since Carter and Willy were now in between us and home. Renee used her father's phone, that he had left at home, to call our house and, after the second attempt, he answered.  She explained the dire situation and we all met up at the top of the road leading to the farm where Willy and Carter were.

As we all pulled in and sprinted to the goat pasture, we were surprised to see Willy looking perfectly normal!  "I don't know what was going on," Carter shrugged, "But he seems fine now!"  The goats all seemed happy to see us!

We still don't know what that was all about, but while we were there we decided to bring home two does that appear to be ready to kid soon.  The kids chased them around and finally caught the two.  The hardest part was carrying heavy, pregnant goats several hundred yards to the truck!  The kids rode in the back with the goats while we all followed each other home.

Just a normal day at the funny farm, going in circles, but always ending up together!

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