Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Once a Mother, Always a Mother

It's amazing how my motherly instincts kick in for more than just my own children!  It is especially interesting when I feel "mother hennish" about full grown adults that are not even related to me!  I was absolutely glued to social media tonight, watching for messages about who was still out on the roads and which ones had made it home safely!  I either called, texted, or messaged everyone I could think of to check in on them, (well maybe not everyone) or I made Jerry do it.  Even as I am writing this, I stopped to send a message to someone else!

There are so many out there that I cannot check on.  All of my students are outside of my realm of contact at this time, but I think about them and hope that they are safe at home with their families.  I worry particularly about the ones who had a difficult day.  Several of my students are very much on my mind and in my prayers tonight!

I do have all of my chicks in the nest!  Carter was supposed to be staying at school tonight, but because of some events of the day, I couldn't bear to leave him there.  There are just sometimes when I need my kid close, and today was one of them!  My mommy instincts tell me that this isn't the time to push for independence.  

I may not have prayed for the snow, but it sure did show up!  At this time, all of my animals are tucked in tight.  Goats, chickens, and rabbits have all of their necessities, including warm, dry shelter.  The only one that worries me is Jessie, our beagle who refuses to come into the house.  She is a whole story for another day, but I do worry about her!  I noticed paw prints in the snow coming up to the carport and I suspect she was looking to see if the other dogs would come out to play with her.  She has weathered much worse and I know she has plenty of places to get out of the weather, but I do wish she would come in!

I just let out a deep, long sigh and, as I did, I tried to let go of all of the anxious mothering thoughts I have.  I need to rest so I can do the real mothering tomorrow!  How grateful I am that I have a Father in Heaven who will not sleep tonight!  I know that He will be watching over me and all of those I love.  I can rest because He has it all under control!

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