Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Lively Home

My home is full of life!  When I got home today, My sister, Kelly, was in the office talking to a client on the phone.  Jerry was also on the phone, counseling someone who is going through a rough time.  I smiled about all the talking going on as I made a phone call of my own, trying to work out details for my upcoming field trip.  It really isn't that unusual for so much to be going on around here.

Our four kids rotate in and out of the house with all of their activities, and it is not unusual to have lots of other kids around as well.  We have a policy here that you are only a visitor once, so there are quite a few kids that know they are considered family at my house.  I recently had a friend's child proclaim, "We're home!" When he pulled up in my driveway!  I love knowing that people feel comfortable in my home.

We live on a corner in our neighborhood, and with all of the animals, it is not uncommon for us to look outside and see friends and neighbors visiting the goats or rabbits.  The neighbor across the street even gives our dogs a daily treat at the corner of the yard!  We have an open door policy, so people stop by on a regular basis.

Speaking of the animals, sometimes it seems like something gives birth around here almost every month.  We have actually been several months without babies recently, but that is unusual.  In the past, we have had quite a variety of babes: rabbits, chicks, turkeys, pheasant, quail, goats, gerbils, puppies, ducks, and I am sure there have been others I am not thinking of.  It is my favorite part of raising animals, especially when we get to witness the births!

Part of life, especially life on a farm, is death, and we have certainly had our share.  Though it is hard when an animal dies, it seems to make us even more grateful for life.  And after a long cold winter like this one, I am ever so grateful for life.  Just knowing that right around the corner daffodils will be popping up and kids and chicks will be popping out, makes me want to do a little dance!  Yep!  Life is good!

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