Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Time To Rest

What an amazing weekend!  The conference was a beautiful thing.  It seemed to clarify each lady's story and gave them a tangible way to remember and share it.  I am both blessed and overwhelmed!

I came home from the conference yesterday to a yard full of people!  Adults and children were enjoying the funny farm.  Our baby goats had lots of socialization yesterday!  We loved the fellowship that was happening at our place and hope that it is just the beginning of a season of sharing our place.  People kept coming and going until late last night and we finally settled in to sleep.


I had the opportunity to share a bit about the conference in church today and the ladies kept on sharing their stories.  We even had some men and children sharing in their own storytelling!  I am so amazed at just how far-reaching this is.  I have made some wonderful new friends myself, and I love the new relationships that I saw blossom among others at the conference.

I think my poor body just gave out today, as the work of the last few months is winding down.  I have been resting this afternoon, after my quick trip into town to visit a doctor.  I am hoping that turning in early today will refresh me enough to make it through a week of school, but I am really looking forward to my Spring Break week coming up next!  

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