Monday, March 24, 2014

Pulling Down the Walls

I love it when Jerry's Dad comes down for a visit!  When he is here, he and Jerry get all kinds of little projects done.  This weekend, they hung gutters on the chicken coop.  That may not seem like a big deal, but the gutters have been laying on the ground by the coops for a long time.  Now, they will catch the rain off of the coop roof and drain it into a rain barrel.  We can use that water for the chickens and rabbits, as well as the garden!

Today, Jerry and his dad tore down the drywall and studs that were against the cinderblock walls in the room downstairs that will be Trevor's.  As the old walls and ceiling were removed, it exposed the residue from a fire that had occurred long ago behind the Sheetrock.  It is really frightening to see what was underneath, but now that it has been revealed, it can be cleaned up and painted.

I saw the very same thing happen this weekend at the conference.  As we studied about our need for God, some of the ladies pulled down walls that had been hiding residue from past fires in their lives.  As they exposed those hidden hurts, they were able to turn them over to God.  They remembered how He intervened in their lives and they gave it all back to him to cleanse and renew their hearts!

We all go through difficult things, hurtful things, ugly things.  If we put up walls in an effort to cover over the damage, our lives may appear clean and pretty but they will not be healthy.  We must pull down the walls so God can create in us beautiful and healthy hearts.

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