Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Itchy Green Thumb (Winter Sowing) and Other Farm Maintenance

am starting a grand experiment today - winter sowing!  I love digging in the dirt and I start to itch for gardening about this time of year, so this is the perfect activity for me!  I have been saving milk cartons for some time now, and I just got my seeds last night!  This afternoon, I am going to begin sowing some of my seeds and setting them out in my raised beds!  I'm so excited!  Now, if only the baby goats would come today, it would be the perfect Saturday!

Well, the babies did not come today, but it was a great Saturday anyway.  The weather was beautiful, so we were happy to have a farm maintenance day.

Carter moved and buried the dog fence so our chickens could roam again.  Renee cut stalks and burned them.

Jerry and Alden put some wire around the rabbit hutches so the chickens can't dig up the rabbit manure. Trevor searched the creek for the frog we heard (good sign of spring!)

Can you see the frog?

I started working on my seed project.  I decided to plant some flowers and some early vegetables.

My "Crazy Fish Farmer" friend, Tom, recommended that I use a mixture of sifted organic soil and peat moss for seed starter.  I shoveled a combination of regular dirt from our yard and rabbit manure into my wheelbarrow.

I used a screen to sift out the clumps, rocks, and leaves.  

I have never sifted dirt before, so I was amazed at the beautiful soil I made!

Finally, I added an equal part of peat moss.

This light and fluffy dirt should be a great place for new root growth!  Next, I filled the bottom of the milk cartons I had prepared earlier.  They are hinged under the handle and have drain slits in the bottom.

After the soil was thoroughly moistened, I added the seeds, labeled the cartons, and taped them shut. The little milk carton greenhouses went out to the garden to live until warm weather comes for good!
 I really hope some of the seeds actually sprout!  Now, we just need to build a good garden fence before spring so I can keep these chickens out of my garden!

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