Sunday, March 30, 2014

Turn the Other Cheek

Our pig, Penelope, has finally gone for her date!  We are looking forward to piglets - a new venture for our funny farm.  We had a fun time catching her today.  Our friend (and co-farmer), Bob, along with Jerry and Carter chased her all over Bob's pasture.  I am not sure who tired out first, but eventually they managed to corral her into the shelter and harnessed her with a rope.  She gave them quite a fight as they tried to coerce her out through the gate.  It took several tries, a lot of squealing, and some very funny video footage, but they did load the 200 lb. sow into the trailer.  Check it out on this video!

She was very friendly before all of the drama, but this picture of her in the honeymoon suite, awaiting her man, demonstrates just how she feels about us now.

Speaking of turning the other cheek, I learned an amazing piece of information today in Sunday School.  We were discussing mercy and forgiveness as part of a study by J. D. Greear, and we came to the verse, Matthew 5:39, which says "But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also."

I have always viewed this verse in the light of a martyr, but what I learned today gave me fresh insight and a whole new perspective.  Jesus was speaking to Jewish people, therefore, we need to understand the Jewish culture to really understand what he meant.  In their culture, the standard greeting was a kiss on the cheek.  If someone slapped you on the cheek, it was meant as an insult and begged for a reaction.  When we turn the other cheek, we are not inviting the offender to strike us again.  Instead, we are offering another opportunity for relationship!

God has been bringing me back to my favorite book of the Bible, Romans 12.  I really believe this book is all about relationships, and more specifically, difficult relationships.  I am feeling called to write more about difficult relationships and I think I will have the opportunity to speak on this topic soon as well.

I guess Penelope is probably spending her evening thinking about her difficult relationships.  Hopefully, we can re-establish a good one with her once she comes to Cornercopia.  I am planning to try bribery with marshmallows!

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