Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Ready

We spent a glorious rainy morning outside today.  It was mostly misting and fairly warm, so working on some of our farm maintenance projects seemed like a good idea.  I took a look inside of my milk cartons, and I was so excited to see green peaking out!  This is a picture of loose leaf lettuce seedlings.  In a few weeks, I will open the cartons to let in more sunshine.

One of the projects we need to tackle soon is our blackberries.  The old growth needs to be trimmed back and the new growth trained, but first I had to clip off all of the shoots that have rooted over the winter.  I now have over 50 new plants waiting to planted.  

Another important project is building a fence around our garden to keep the chickens out.  While it would be nice for them to eat the bugs that get on my plants, they also dig up new seedlings and peck holes in my fresh veggies.  They have become unwelcome guests in the garden.  Jerry used the chain saw to cut the cedar poles in quarters to make the rails.

The pickets will hang on these rails.  We were able to finish most of the rail fence today.  Whenever we get a sunny day, I can paint the pickets so they can be hung!  I am really hoping to have the garden ready to plant my lettuce, spinach, and some sugar snaps peas by the end of April.

Before we came in out of the rain, we peeked in on Roadrunner, our broody hen.  She was very unhappy to be disturbed and let us know by making her warning sounds and pecking Jerry when he messed with her!  What a great sign of spring!  I can't wait for her little chicks!

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